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Cura & Manutenzione

Cura & Manutenzione

Useful tips for proper care and maintenance of the garment.

Carefully check the label inside the jacket and read the recommended maintenance within our catalogs, where you will find the suggested washing temperature. You will also find the symbol that means not to dry in the washing machine. It is obviously possible to use the tumble provided at low temperatures, subject to the shrinkage of the cotton.

Hand wash or wash the WHITE garments using a classic detergent, if you want to whiten and sanitize you can use the baking soda and white wine vinegar. Instead, the COLORED garments should be washed with detergents specific to COLORED FABRICS, always checking on the chemical composition of the detergent which does not contain optical whiteners. Do not use any additives.

Wash at 30 ° C or if tissue allows it and you want to disinfect 60 ° C for 30 minutes.

Lightly wipe the caps with steam iron.
No maintenance items other than the recommended ones are guaranteed.

In case of special stains, we advise you to intervene immediately and ask for advice from professionals (dry cleaning) to prevent the tissue from absorbing it.